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16.01.2020 06:01:32 Avery
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14.01.2020 06:49:20 Sarah
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31.12.2019 01:33:17 Mike
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18.12.2019 06:57:34 Chase
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01.12.2019 07:10:19 Zoila
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29.11.2019 10:56:27 Sarah
Hey again, I was recently on your site and I can see you continue to pour time and energy into your digital presence. Your hard work shows and its really coming along!What caught my eye was, despite the engaging layout clear investment in your site, youre still missing an explainer video to easily convey information to website viewers. Its sad to say, but web visitors today are lazier than ever! Without high-quality video content on your site, you are missing out on potential customers. These potential customers are already on your site - you just need to convert them!FYI - I work at an amazing explainer video marketing firm that specializes in creating fun and easily digestible homepage videos. We have actually created several such videos in your industry. We have offices in California + Jerusalem Israel.I would love to chat further about how I can help. Email me laura@MyBizExplained.com or see some samples on www.MyBizExplained.com --Sarah GoldManagerwww.MyBizExplained.comSarah@MyBizExplained.com
05.02.2019 03:45:38 esad nakic
lep pozdrav. prej sem bio včlenjen v icp potem eno obdobje nisem špilal šah zdaj mi ne sprejeme starega registra zdaj sem dao ponovno in prosim za dovolitev in dostop do portala lep pozdrav
26.12.2018 07:58:42 ivan kralj
Lepo ozdravljeni. pred kratkim sem se prijavil kot novi član.Dobil sem geslo vendar se ne morem logirat.Kaj sem naredil narobe. Hvala
29.12.2017 03:05:34 nebojsa
nemogu se uclaniti pod ovim mejlom
04.12.2017 01:30:59 Janez Grčar
Lepo vas prosim za pomoč sem član icp portala in do nedavnega sem lahko igral rejtingirane hitropotezne šah. partije z igralci portala sedaj po menjavi računalnika jih ne morem več kar koli vpišem vedno eror iskreno vas sprašujem ali še deluje normalno icp portal Nisem najbol vešč z računalnikom tudi sin ki mi pomaga rešiti zadevo ne uspeva pa lep pozdrav in srečno novo leto2018 vaš član že več let Grčar Janez Vidrga 8 p Vače mi lahko po pošti slovenije pismeno pošljete novo ne vem kaj S r e č n o
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